FINALLY! It’s race day! The photo was taken at 6:30am this morning. Looked really grumpy because didn’t have enough sleep. Too excited for the race to sleep properly.

002 007

Headed down to the starting point and I am quite delighted that the bag deposit is quite well organized. There wasn’t any queue and I could deposit my bag quite quickly. At about 7:45am, some fitness promoters called for the runners of the 8am heats to gather for a warm up. I joined in with them. The warm up was quite tiring. It consisted of push ups, squats and burpees. It really got my heart rate pumping but thankfully, no muscle strains!

006 005 004 003

Went to scout the obstacles, looks really fun! Sadly, I forgot to bring my gloves!!!

At 8am I went for the race.

To be honest, I think I underestimated the race. I had the initial target of completing the race in 45mins. I only completed it in 1 hour +++ minutes. The fastest runner only completed the race in 50mins. LOL!

Some of the obstacles were quite tough! Especially the monkey bars. Well, it wasn’t really monkey bars. It was basically ninja warrior obstacles stage 3! It really tested my grip strength and lats strength. One have to switch from swinging transverse bars to vertical ropes to some other weird stuff you need to hold on to. Moreover, as the bars are not at the same level, sometimes you need a little more strength to pull your body up to reach the bar. I failed this obstacle, along with many others….That means 30 burpees!

Another obstacle that most people failed was the spear throw. I was able to throw my spear at the target but as the point was pointing upwards, I failed. Another 30 burpees!

Finally, another obstacles which I found annoying was the bucket carry. I was given a bucket where I have to fill to the brim with gravel and carry it for quite a long distance. While simple, the bucket was darn heavy and was cutting into my fingers. I had to stop a few times before I was able to carry the bucket to the end point. The other obstacles were quite standard like climbing over walls, rock climbing and leopard crawling under barbed wires..

Perhaps due to the exertion when I jump over some obstacles, I felt like my calves were going to cramp near the end point and I had to slow down.

The race finished off with one last obstacle where runners have to jump over a fire. I jumped over with a flying side kick.

012 011 010 009

And we are done!

They gave quite good items for the finishers at the end point. I got a finisher t-shirt and a sports water bottle.

Overall, this race has been a great experience! It was fun and I made friends along the way during the run. We encouraged each other and push one another forward.

So what’s next now that the Spartan journey is over? I don’t know lol.

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