Muay Thai training: 12-6 elbow

The next day after my Spartan race, I felt that I have strained the right side of my back and my calves were still cramping. Hence, I didn’t go for muay thai classes yesterday, allowing me some time to recover. I felt a lot better today and went for class today instead.

Today head coach Darren is the one teaching. Class is split into three groups according to seniority and in my group, we worked on 12-6 elbow. The 12-6 elbow is different from the usual vertical elbow. Usually when people throw the vertical elbow, they throw it from low to high to catch the jaw. This is a different technique. It goes from high to low with gravity. And the purpose of this technique is more to cut the opponents face such that blood blinds his vision or better still, the referee will stop the fight.

We did it without jumping. But this is the closest pic I can get from the net.

And the end result:

Probably something like that.

It was a really tiring session today. Probably because we were also doing kicks and clinching in the pad work. Moreover, we have to do 50 punches, 20 roundhouse X2sets after each round of pad work.

Anyways, it was a great workout. By the end of the class I was drenched and spent.

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