New regime! DAY 1: Chest + Back

I have just started reading a new manga series and I am hooked! As a martial artist, I can total relate to the protagonist’s route to strength and power. The manga is ONE PUNCH MAN.In the manga, the protagonist is able to beat all his enemies in just one punch. When questioned about how he got his power, he simply replied:


He is telling the truth yet nobody believes him. Nobody even tried to repeat his training regime. Reminds me a bit of the time when suddenly I lost a crazy amount of weight. My answer was really simple also: download Runkeeper, follow their weight loss programme and run everyday. Many admired  my success but nobody really put their heart into following my advice and gave all sorts of excuses for not running…even for a bit. And it was just a good to know in the end. Guess there will always be people who just want to know how to be strong/ get slim but never want to pay the price to achieve those things.

Anyways, I have decided to start a whole new workout regime. Tracking your workouts online really helps me to be more mindful to put time into exercising.

This time round, I just want to be STRONG. But how do we define STRONG and how will I know if I had met my goal? So here’s my GOAL.

By the end of July next year, I would like to be able to do these:
15 pull ups in one sitting
Muscle up
Run 2.4km in less than 11:30min
Bonus: six-packs

Started my regime today! Here’s what I did:
10 push ups + 10 gecko push up + 10 pull ups X5sets
10 dumbbell rows 15kg X5sets
10 bent over barbell rows 20kg X5sets

Think I will need to incorporate more cardio in the next workout.

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