DAY 2 One Punch Man workout

Today evening started with a total fail. I thought I was going for Muay Thai class today as I will be having reservist next week and may not have the time.. I went to the Muay Thai gym only to found out that Muay Thai only starts at 8:15pm today. I was there at 6pm. I should’ve checked the schedule and not assume…anyways, I went back home and watch my fiancee eat. We discussed quite a lot of stuff with regards to the upcoming children ministry Christmas party before heading home.

I wondered what workout to do for today. And aha! I shall try One Punch Man’s workout!

strongInstead of doing standard push up, I did elevated push ups with push up racks. Being elevated, it helps me to put more pressure on the chest and the racks help me to go down further for a fuller chest stretch. Did 10 X 10 reps.

After which, I proceeded with 100 crunches with feet placed together. It was really difficult due to the feet position! I struggled to do 100! Then I proceed to finish off with 100 squats. Didn’t run 10km because…


I really hate doing cardio…think I should start running soon least I get fat again…

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