DAY 3 HIIT Cardio, a better alternative?

Stayed at home today as I was totally exhausted. Was at work at 6am and only ended at 1:30pm despite being a holiday. Then after that had a long day with my fiancee. We went to Ikea to get the materials needed to make the Christmas gifts for the old folks at the nursing home.

As I was browsing Youtube today, I came across an interesting BBC documentary about fats. The research claims that HIIT seems to be a more effective exercise at burning fat. When someone is doing light/moderate exercise, the body uses fat as a fuel for the activity. However, the fat burn stops once the exercise stops. It is shown however if someone is doing high intensity exercises and despite having rests in between intervals, the body continues to burn fat even after the exercise has ended. The key is that you need to exercise at an intensity that you feel challenged. The body continues to burn fat to even hours after the exercise is complete!

Being very excited with this new information (and partly being very bored of running), I tried out a HIIT exercise under fitness blender.

Well, it is simpler than the Insanity workout that I used to do but still, I feel challenged. I was drenched after the whole workout. I think I still need to rev it up a bit more…

The documentary on fats:

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