DAY 4: Muay Thai ‘fight’ training


Had reservist today. 2 days medic refresher course. Had to wake up super early to get ready. Naturally I wasn’t too happy. I should be sleeping soundly. Thankfully, training ended very early today and I had the time to go for my Muay Thai training.

It is ‘fight’ training today. Once in a while, Fightg will have fight training during regular classes to let us have a taste of how it feels like to train like a fighter, getting ready for a match.

We started off the class with some basic sparring drills. 2 hit drills: We are to hit our partners a maximum of two hits. Our partners are free to doge and block and after which he should immediately counter attack. After the counter attack, the initial attacker is to attack the partner immediately and so on…

4 hit drills: Then we moved on to 4 hits. I realised that I really have a problem fighting taller opponents. Their reach is much longer and I have to cover more distance to hit them. Moreover, I can’t really move back when they counter attack since their reach is longer. I have to resort to blocking or pivoting.

Pad work: After which, we moved on to practicing slipping and hitting the pads. It was really tiring. After each set, we have to do 50 punches, followed by 10 push ups, then 50 punches again and finally finish off with 40 round house kicks. Each person get to do two rounds of these continuously.

Conditioning: To finish off the session, we have some conditioning exercises. The first set of exercise includes 30 sec continuous front kicks then immediately followed by squats. The second includes 30 sec continous roundhouses followed by tuck jumps. Then the last exercise, we did crunches. When we squeeze our abs, our partner are to hit them with the thai pad with full force. I got winded a few times.

After the whole session, I was drenched. But it was a good cardio workout.004.JPG

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