DAY 5: Shoulder workout- rev it up!

The focus is on shoulders today, the part of my body that I often neglect, especially the posterior deltoids. For the most part of my life, the only shoulder exercises I did was push ups which developed my anterior deltoids a little. I did no exercise for my lateral deltoids and posterior deltoids. As a result, I have rounded shoulders and often slouch forward.

I decided that I need to make my shoulder workouts more challenging to force them to grow. This is my workout for the day:

Seated military press 21kg    10X5 sets
lateral dumbbell raise 5kg     10X5 setsbent over reverse fly  5kg      10×5 sets
arnold press   5kg 10X5 sets

I am using very light weights for the lateral dumbbell raise and reverse fly as my lateral and posterior deltoids are extremely weak. I can’t lift anything heavier. Hopefully, it will improve as the week progresses.

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