DAY 6: Chest + Back at the gym


Tried out a local gym for my chest and back workout today. It was quite cheap and quite convenient. The gym is only about a few bus stops away and only cost $2.50 per entry. Moreover, I can use my Activesg credits (every citizen is given $100), all thanks to the government’s effort to encourage citizens to exercise. The equipment there are quite good, just that there are quite a number of people. You will have to wait if you want to use some of the machines.

Workout for today:
brench press 35kg      10 X 5 sets
assisted pull ups 20kg     10X5 setschest fly 40 pounds    10X5 sets
vertical row 30 pounds   10X5 sets
lat pull down 40kg          10X5 sets
bent over barbell row 17.5kg   10X5sets
stationary bike 20min
treadmill at 7.3 speed 10min
another set of vertical row 30 pounds   10X5 sets

My muscles were aching by the end of the session. Not a bad experience, just that some weights are in kg and some are in pounds and it is a bit annoying. It is a bit more difficult to figure out which weight I should use.

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