DAY 8: Bros help each other keep fit

I have a long time friend and sparring/training buddy Daniel. We are like Ryu and Ken and have a deep love for martial arts. Back then, I was really fat and Daniel used to push me to train harder and run faster. Back then I was almost 70kg and Daniel is only about 57? I still remember vividly during the days in university when we were preparing for a muay thai match  and Daniel would literally scream at me to run faster. Ahhh….the memories…

Back in those days…

But in the recent few years, only roles were reversed. I went through a transformation change, losing loads of weight while Daniel gained loads. This is all thanks to an unhealthy lifestyle in the past few years right after graduation.


Daniel turned to a staggering 77kg! But a recent Fb update got us talking. Dissatisfied with his current lifestyle and the way things are, Daniel starting exercising by running. And wanting to help and motivate my friend I offered to help, just like in the old times how he used to help me.

Our initial plans were to sign up for muay thai class and go for Taekwondo training today but it is not worth it to sign up for muay thai class now since it is the end of the month and sadly Taekwondo training was suddenly cancelled today. I called Daniel up (who was still in the office) to ask what’s the plan for today then? We thought that maybe we cant workout today…After a while he called back and decided that we should workout today, he would drive home to get his running shoes and come to my place.

When you hear this kind of motivation from a friend, you know you gotta help him.

We started our workout a little late(9pm, the lights were out by the time we were done), but that is no problem. This is what we did:
10/max pull ups followed by 10/max push ups  X5sets
10/max inclined pull ups followed by 10/max push ups X5 sets
2.4km run

Pretty good workout and I am proud that Daniel endured all the way through. And the best of all, we agreed that we will go and have a long distance run together on Sunday.





Daniel, your story is on the net now! You have no excuse to skip any workout sessions now! HAHAHAHHAHA!

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One Response to DAY 8: Bros help each other keep fit

  1. nice read… good to have people supporting you

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