DAY 9: The Art of Perseverance and Motivation

Fixed with Daniel on Friday that we will go for a long run on Sunday. True to his word, he came. Woke up really early in the morning and Daniel drove his van to pick me up to his house area where the starting point is. We did some really light stretching and went off with our run.

The route is quite scenic and we ran past many iconic buildings in Singapore. Along the way, I met my Muay Thai coach who was having picnic with his family and Thai friends. What coincidence! Then again, the Thais in Singapore often frequent that area. We ran about 2.5km and stopped for a short break at the F1 pit.


The halfway point

After a 5min break, we starting running again…back to our starting point. At this point, Daniel was feeling a bit tired. He told me that he would be slow and might need to rest a few times. But I know he could continue pushing and all this while he was just conserving his energy. I encouraged him to try to run without stopping all the way to the end. I told him to just psycho himself…the ending point is just round the corner, convince himself that it’s gonna be over soon.

Daniel went on to complete the rest of the run without any breaks at all. He even managed to speed up his pace when reaching the finish point.



I guess a lot of times we lose motivation because we underestimate our abilities, like how Daniel did. We look at the obstacles ahead and convinced ourselves that we will have difficulty overcoming them. But if only we persevere and face the obstacles head on will we find that our fears may be unfounded. In the end, we emerge having known ourselves and our own strength better and a new confidence to face greater obstacles ahead.

I am sure that after today’s run, Daniel will be more confident in running longer distances.


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