DAY 10: Chest, Back and Sweet Potatoes!!

Woke up early and headed to the gym for my chest and back workout. Nothing special but just feel kinda annoyed with who people sit at the machines and use dumbbells. I mean, please be considerate. If you aren’t using the machine, go somewhere else!

Anyways, here’s today’s workout:

Chest fly 45lbs    10X5 setsAssisted pull up 25kg   10X5 sets
Bench press 35kg    10X1 set
Bench press 37.5kg  10X3 sets
Bench press 35kg    10X1 set
Vertical row 45lbs    10X5 sets
Lat pull down 40kg    10X5 sets
Hyperextensions 5kg   10X5sets
Bent over barbell row 20kg   10X5sets
Treadmill  10min
Burpees 10

Pretty good workout and I came back home around noon time. Time for lunch!

During my reservist period,one of my old time buddies told me that the best carbohydrate one can eat is sweet potatoes. We would never fail to advise us to eat sweat potatoes if we wanna keep fit and lose weight. He explains this is because sweet potatoes contains loads of fibre and hence one will feel fuller longer after eating them. Moreover, they are also low GI. Sugar will only be released into you bloodstream a little at a time which is good for losing weight.

Sometimes, Daniel would ask me would should he eat for dinner to help him lose weight. I would jokingly advise him just to eat sweet potatoes and eggs and he would lament that he would die eating that kind of diet.

But, the diet proposed by my reservist buddy really got me interested and I decided to try it out today.


Today’s lunch:
2 soft boiled eggs
1 cup 2in1 instant coffee (no sugar)
and of course, 1 small steamed sweet potato!

Actually, despite its bland appearance it wasn’t that bad. It even tasted kind of good! Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was exhausted and my body was in need of the carbohydrates. I gobbled up the sweet potato.

It was 2 hours since I have eaten and I still feel quite full. Perhaps sweet potato really IS the missing thing I need for weight loss! A long period of such diet would be necessary to ascertain that…

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