DAY 11: Boxing class, cos we didn’t check the schedule

So finally Daniel decided to join back with me for some Muay Thai training. Anyways, we went to the gym thinking that there would be Muay Thai today but we ended up doing boxing because we didn’t check the class schedule.

Boxing is not as tiring as Muay Thai IMO. This is probably because there is no kicking. Kicking tends to sap a lot of energy. But boxing is still a good workout for both the body and the brains. In boxing class, the combinations tend to get complicated and the brain really needs to think fast to be able to throw those combinations at speed.

Daniel and I were totally drenched after the class. Daniel complained that his arms are still hurting due to the pull up on Friday. I reassured him that it will go away after today’s workout as the exercise will flush away the lactic acid built up in the arms.



Tired faces after workout
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