DAY 12: Shoulder workout at home


Initially I had planned to head down to the gym early morning but I woke up with a bad flu and decided to stay at home instead to rest a bit more. After waking up, I felt better and did some work for school before heading on with my shoulders workout.

Here’s there workout for today:
military press 21kg                     10X5
bent over barbell row 21kg       10X5
side lateral raise 5kg                   10X5
reverse fly 5kg                               10X5
arnold press 10kg                         10X5

I don’t really train my anterior deltoids as I feel that they are quite developed already (years of many push ups). Moreover, I feel that they have gotten the attention they needed during chest days where I do bench presses.

I feel that my shoulders are getting stronger. I used to struggle to do the 21kg military presses but now I feel rather okay. I only start to struggle at the last few reps of the last few sets.

I hope I get better soon, really sucks to have a flu.

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