DAY 14: Taekwondo- epic leg day

fung wan

The Storm Riders 2015

Taekwondo trainings are always epic leg days. After Taekwondo trainings, I would have difficulty walking the next few days. I would feel my quards and calves screaming for nutrients and oxygen. Today’s training is again such a day.

Went down for Taekwondo training with Daniel and he is ULTRA MOTIVATED today. We started with loads of bunny hops and did loads of kicking drills:
(All these kicks are done in a manner whereby we chase the target from one end of the room to another)
Slide in roundhouse
slide in double roundhouse
roundhouse kicks left and right
roundhouse followed by axe kick
front leg roundhouse
front leg roundhouse while moving backwards

We are only required to do 2 sets each but Daniel wanted to do 3. And we as his partner, I did 3 sets too.
Unfortunately, Daniel sabotaged his weight loss plans when we head home. He ordered 1 roti prata and 1 egg prata for supper. LOL! I suggested that he should eat only 1 plain prata but he complained that it’s not filling enough.

Anyways, it was good training. Hope Daniel will learn to curb his cravings…If not this #danieldownsize program is gonna take a long time…HAHAHAHHAHA!

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