DAY 15: Bros help each other to go further

Longer distance conquered

Today is session 2 of our week long distance run. Initially thought that it was not going to happen but thank God that at the end, the rain stopped. This time round we ran the same route. But as it was at night, the air was much cooler and it definitely made it easier to run.

Daniel was complaining that his knee was hurting at the half way mark. I told him it’s probably either he had bad running posture or have not been conditioned enough. I learnt a while ago that one can actually run wrongly. Such a primitive and instinctive movement yet a lot of us are doing it wrongly. A lot of time people feel pain in their knee due to heel striking. That happens when your stride is too wide and your heel strikes the ground first. Each step adds pressure and impacts your knee. Over long duration, your knee starts to hurt. Another way people can hurt their legs when they run is when they stamp their feet at every step. I learnt by experience that the better way to run is to mimic a cycling motion…like how one rides a bicycle and to be light to their feet. This way, one can lesson the impact the leg receives at every step but also propel the body forward more efficiently.

Towards, the halfway mark for today’s run, I challenged Daniel to go a bit further without resting. I think Daniel’s workout is starting to pay off. The last week, he wouldn’t have listened to me but he was able to go further this time. Moreover, he didn’t complained that he would be slower at the second half of the run. In fact, he managed to run at a steady pace and again speed up when we were finishing! GOOD JOB!


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