DAY 16: Bros hold pads for each other (Muay Thai)


We finally went Muay Thai class together! Really tiring session. Today’s class was more focused on basic techniques with emphasis on the elbow thrust and mid section cross.

Today’s combination:
Jab, front kick to opponents front leg, mid section cross, left hook, right knee. Tap block, followed by turning in with the opponent’s cross to load up upper cut, upper cut, left horizontal elbow followed by elbow thrust.

It gets a bit complicated and I have the tendency to want to throw hooks and crosses instead of elbows.

After each round of pad work, we did 50 punches (cross followed by left hooks) then 10 knees followed by roundhouses on each leg.

It was really tiring and we were drenched by the end of the session. GREAT WORKOUT!


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