DAY 17: Training with illness

I have been having sore throat, runny nose and cough for the past few days. It seems like I have caught the flu bug. But that didn’t stop me from exercising. Just that I need to be more cautious. There have been many cases in Singapore where people went for a run despite having a flu. They dropped dead half way through their run. According to my Army Medic instructor, this is because the flu virus makes the heart muscle swell and when people try to push themselves over the limit despite having a flu, the heart fails and the person dies. Very scary indeed. And it makes it scarier especially when I have friend’s relatives who have died from this.

So today I focused mainly on weight lifting and did no cardio.

Here’s today’s workout:
Chest fly 50 lbs               10X5 setsPull ups                             10X2 sets
Assisted pull ups 25kg  10X3 sets
Bench press 30 kg          10X1 set
Bench press 35 kg          10X3 sets
Bench press 32.5kg        10X2 sets
Vertical rows 45lbs        10X5 sets
Lat pull down 40kg        10X5sets
Spine erector                    10X5sets
Bent over barbell row 20kg   10X5sets

Changed the weight of the bench press several times because I thought 30kg is okay for a warm up set. But it sucked loads of my energy. I wasn’t able to do my usual 5 sets of 35kg.

It was an exhausting workout due to be illness. I went to see a doctor after that. Hopefully I can recover soon!

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