DAY 18: Bogged down by illness

I am still sick. Although the medicine is really helpful in soothing my sore throat, phlegm and runny nose, it also makes me sleepy and weak. Nonetheless, I went to the gym in the morning still.

Being rather weaker, I found that I could not lift as heavy or do as many reps as the last time.

Shoulder workout for the day:
Shoulder press 55lbs                  10X3 sets
Shoulder press 50lbs                  10X2 sets
Vertical rows 40lbs                      10X5 sets
Seated dumbbell press 12 kg    10X5 sets
Seated barbell press 20kg         10X5  sets
Side lateral raise 6kg                  10X5  sets
Reverse fly 4kg                             10X5  sets
Clean and press 20kg                 10X5  sets
Bent over barbell row 22.5kg    10X5  sets

I think I really need some rest at home…Rest is training too…

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