DAY 19: Taekwondo training, new vs old style


Taekwondo is a martial arts that has been changing throughout the years as the federation put in more rules and regulations for safety as well as incorporate technology into modern day Taekwondo competitions.

Old style Taekwondo

In the past,  points were determined by the sound made when one strikes the opponent’s chest protector as well as the observation of the judges.

Modern Taekwondo

These days, Taekwondo matches are more and more like fencing. Athletes wear electronic gear on their feet and chest protectors and when the feet touches the chest protector, a point is automatically given.

This has transformed the game into one which speed is a lot more important and strength has taken a back seat. This has also transformed the style. In the past, Taekwondo fighter have a more steady stance and a more stable kick. Nowadays, the matches favours fighters that can kick multiple kicks as long as their feet touches the opponent’s chest protector. So holding a chambered leg in the air becomes more prominent as it protects yourself from getting hit and it places your feet in a position that can hit your opponent very quickly.

Learning Taekwondo before these electronic gears were incorporated, I would say I’m more of an old style Taekwondo practitioner. But as time changes, so must we, least we become outdated.

Today’s training, coach trained us mostly on how to ‘hold’ our legs. We having to stand like a flamingo and do 2X roundhouses to midsection then 1 roundhouse to the head followed by a reverse hook kick to the head. We did all these without letting our kicking leg to touch the ground once.

It was really tiring for me as I did not have the ‘holding’ muscles to hold my leg. My butt cramped. hahahaha. Anyways, it was fun. 🙂

Similar drills done today:

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One Response to DAY 19: Taekwondo training, new vs old style

  1. Kris Uy says:

    Great post!
    I personally still miss old school taekwondo, but we have to adapt. So many more front leg things to do now haha.
    I like the tutorial at the bottom too! that was great. One of my coaches back in the U.S. recently visited us here in the Philippines and he said that calling Taekwondo now Taekwondo is almost a mistake because of the way we kick. We don’t teach whitebelts sport taekwondo kicks anymore. Sport Taekwondo is almost a whole new thing on its own! It got me thinking…

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