DAY 20: Muay Thai-faking punches; All war is based on deception

In Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Sun Tzu noted that all war is based on deception. If you manage to deceive your opponent, you have the upper hand and may even have the chance to crush your enemy.

Similarly, good Muay Thai fighters also use deception to help them end the fight. One way is through faking punches. Today, we learnt how to fake punches. I think today’s Muay Thai lesson is really good. It teaches us not to just use our strength, speed and reaction to overcome our opponent, but also our minds to keep our opponent on their toes.

We started off the class doing some warm ups then practiced the techniques on each other. One thing to note on faking punches is that it has to look real.  As such, the intent must be there to cause a reaction from the opponent. It is only then can we make the opponent do what we want.

After that, we continue practicing the techniques with the thai pads. After each pad work, we are to hit 10 jabs as fast as we can followed by 10 power crosses. After that, we have to do 50 punches then 10 right roundhouses and 10 left roundhouses. We then try to apply what we have learnt through some very light sparring.

Today’s session was quite tiring due to the kicks and clinches added into the combination. After the session, we were both drenched. Nonetheless, it was a satisfying session.


Drenched and drained after the session
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