DAY 21: Another chest/back day at the gym


Definitely feel myself getting stronger as I am able to lift heavier weights now. I realise that the bench press is highly popular. I came a little later than my usual time at the gym today and I see all the guys waiting at the bench press. Didn’t manage to do my bench press today due to the long queue so I had to make do with the chest fly machine.

Here’s today’s workout:
Chest fly 40lbs                                10 X 1set
Chest fly 45lbs                                 10X 5set
Assisted pull up 25kg                     10X5 set
Vertical row 45lbs                           10X5 set
Lat pull down 43.1kg                      10X 5 set
Chest fly 50lbs                                 10X 5 set
Spine erector 5kg                            10X 5 set
Bent over barbell row  20kg         10X 5 set
Walking on the treadmill              10min

Felt really exhausted after today’s session. Especially since I haven’t slept well yesterday.

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