DAY 22: Shoulder workout at home

Didn’t manage to go to the gym today as I was too lazy to get out of bed early…haha! But that doesn’t mean no workout.

Did my shoulder workout at home today with the weights I have bought. The weight training is certainly working. I managed with the heavier weights this time and I thing I might have to order some weight plates from Qoo10 again soon.

Here’s the workout for today:
Seated dumbbell press 10kg                                10X5 sets
Bent overbarbell row 22.5kg                                10X5 sets
Barbell shoulder press 22.5kg                             10X5 sets
Side lateral raise 6kg                                              10X5 sets
90 degree side lateral raise 6kg                          10X5 sets
Arnold press 6kg                                                      10X 5 sets
Reverse fly 6kg                                                         10×5 sets

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