DAY 23: No rain! Time for a run!

Flash flood at Thomson Rd

It has been rainy cats and dogs here in Sunny Singapore (irony). There were a few times when I went to go down for a run only to have my plans thwarted by heavy rain. The rain these few days were so bad that it flooded the streets! Shops were flooded and many of their merchandise were damaged. And here we have our over paid ministers still trying to reassure us that these kind of flood are a rare occurrence instead of doing something about the drainage system. The first time it occurred in 2013, the minister said it was due to a ‘freak’ rain that only happens ‘once in 50 years’. The floods continued in 2014, 2015 and ever more frequently. Sometimes I wonder what we pay them for?

Anyways, today there’s finally a bit of sun and I managed to go for my run. YEAH!

Had a great run. Felt myself running faster than the past. This shows that my cardiovascular training is certainly working. The long rains has also given the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow. Was glad that in the midst of running I had the chance to admire nature. 🙂

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