DAY 24: Unlearn to relearn – sidekick

STARWARS EPISODE 7 is out! I have never really watched the STARWARS series so I have decided to watch it…especially now as it is the holidays. I was watching The Empire Strikes Back and I am captured by Yoda’s interaction with Luke has he tries to train him in the ways of the force. In particular this line,”You must unlearn what you have learned.” captured me. This is very true. If we are stubborn and hold on to our erroneous ways, there is no way for us to improve.

Today’s Taekwondo training, we were tasked to train our side kick. I learnt this kick back when I was a white belt. While I wouldn’t say I am fantastic at it, I thought I have at least some idea how to do it. While we were practicing, I asked my coach to help observe my form for my side kick. She pointed that I am more like doing a back thrust movement as I twisted my body too much. She asked me to hold on to one of the balancing pole and held my foot and body into the correct position. There’s when I noticed I was doing it wrong all this while.

Moreover, I have some problem with doing a higher side kick. She said,” Look up high when you kick. Your leg will go higher.” And indeed, it did.

It seems like sometimes we really need to unlearn to relearn. To correct the bad habit we have obtained throughout the way.


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