DAY 26 & 27: Muay Thai combos – training the brain also

As you progress further in the art of Muay Thai, you will learn how to throw your kicks and punches in rapid succession. These are known as combinations. Most fighters will have a few combinations up their sleeves to react to different situations. Before one can throw these combinations effectively, one has to repeat these sequence of actions many many times. This is so that when let’s say the coach shouts “COMBO 1!”, the fighter can throw the combo at the opponent without hesitation. Combinations when done correctly can help you put pressure on your opponent and help you land effective strikes on him.


Our Muay Thai training on Monday focused upon combinations. Here are a few which we learnt:

Combo 1: Jab, jab, cross

Combo 2: Jab, jab, cross, hook

Combo 3: Jab, jab, cross, hook, uppercut

Combo 4: Jab, jab, cross, uppercut, hook

Combo 5: Jab, uppercut, hook, cross

Learning to throw the combinations at speed according to the number called by the coach can be quite tough. It is not only a strength conditioning exercise but also a mental one too.

We practiced throwing the combinations on each other then hit the pads. It was good training.


As for today, went to the gym for my chest workout again. nothing much but I was glad that I get to do the bench press. There weren’t as much people today. Most probably because some people has gone overseas for their holidays.

Here’s today’s work out. As usual, 10 reps X 5 sets for each exercise.

Bench press 37.5 kg
Vertical row 50lbs
Assisted pull up 25kg
Chest fly 45lbs
Lat pull down 43.1kg
Bent over barbell row 22.5kg
Spine erector 5kg

All these workouts I have been doing is highly necessary. This is because Christmas is round the corner and I have been invited to many parties with loads of good food! I hope I don’t get fat at the end of the holidays!


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One Response to DAY 26 & 27: Muay Thai combos – training the brain also

  1. The Neophyte Journal says:

    Shadow boxing is a good way to remember these combos, body memory, when it feels so natural your body knows the combo instinctively

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