DAY 28: Putting extra calories to good use


Blessed Christmas to everyone and a happy new year! The Lord has indeed been good this year. During the good times and the bad times, He has been beside me and this is what I am truly thankful for. My God and my Lord is alive! He sees me through in all circumstances!


This Christmas season, I have been fortunate to serve along side the Saint Andrews Young adults ministry. We gave out coffee outside our church in an effort to raise awareness and funds for children with autism. It has been a great time and you can read more about it here.

The Christmas season also meant that there were a lot of parties and feasts. All the extra calorie taken in is gonna make me fat. I made good use of the extra protein and calories taken in by exercising my shoulders at home today.

Here’s the workout. As usual, 10 reps X 5 sets.

Arnold press 10kg

Bent over barbell row 22.5kg

Barbell shoulder press 22.5kg

Side lateral raise 6kg

90 degree lateral raise 6kg

Reverse fly 6kg

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