DAY 29: Random arm workout


Look at them calves!

Taekwondo is a martial arts that focuses mainly on kicks. Over many many years of kicking and seldom punching, my body has turned to one that looks like a t-rex. I have over developed legs but under developed arms. Having nothing much to do today (fiancee is sick of seeing me everyday for the past 1 week lol), I decided to do some arm workouts at home.

Honestly, I have little clue on how to workout my arms as I seldom deliberately train them. I had to go on the internet for some guidance.

Videos like the above are always good as knowing the anatomy makes me more aware of training the different muscle groups that I need to contract for a balanced workout.

Here are the exercises done today:

Barbell curls 22.5kg

Reverse grip barbell curl 20kg

shoulder press

Dumbell curls 7.5kg

Overhead tricep extension 7.5kg

Pull ups

Not all exercises are arm workouts but I am just doing them because I was out of ideas what to do for arms. Hopefully I could find more exercises online…


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