DAY 30: Old running route. Cat misses me!

Daniel is overseas and Brendan had night shift yesterday (EXCUSES!). Hence, we were unable to run together at the Singapore Flyer route. Nonetheless, I really need to run due to all the good food I have been eating. I went to have a run at the park this morning.

It has been a while since I ran at the park below my apartment. It was a great feeling running there again, with all the familiar sights and sounds. The route felt a little difficult as I haven’t been running the route for a while and I have to get used to the elevation again.

What was really annoying me during the run were my headphones. They keep dropping out and it breaks my concentration. I never had a problem with them.  They don’t seem fit as snugly as before.

Anyways, I was glad to be able to see meow meow the cat during my run. Initially, I wanted to take a picture of her sleeping under the seats. But as I got close, it recognized my scent. It got up and came rubbing her head on me, asking for a good petting. Naturally I obliged.  SO CUTE!

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