DAY 31: Pushing the limit. Last day of gym?

I don’t usually go to the gym on Mondays. Mondays are reserved for Muay Thai. However, I have already gone for my 4 sessions of Muay Thai this month. This means that if I were to go for Muay Thai classes this week, I would have to pay extra. Being the cheapskate I am, I decided to head the gym today instead.

I was feeling pretty motivated. I even set the alarm clock the previous night so that I would go to the gym first thing in the morning! I also felt like pushing myself more and decided to train with heavier weights. The weight training this past month has certainly paid off. I realised that I have grown stronger as I can lift heavier weights.

Workout for the day:
Bench press 40kg                          10reps X 5 sets
Bench press 37.5kg                       10 reps X 1 set
Bench press 35kg                           10 reps X 1 set
Lat pull down 47.6kg                    10reps X 3 sets
Lat pull down 43.1kg                     10 reps X 2 sets
Chest fly 50lbs                                10 reps X 5sets
Bent over barbell row 22.5kg     10 reps X 5sets
Vertical rows 50lbs                        10 reps X 3sets
Vertical rows 45lbs                         10 reps X 1set
Vertical rows  40lbs                        10 reps X 1set
Spine erector 6kg                            10 reps X 5sets
Assisted pull up 25kg                     10 reps X 5 sets

Basically what I did was try to lift the heavier weights first then take off weights as I progress with the sets.

Anyways, school is starting soon. This means that morning sessions to the gym will be impossible. I need to reach school by 7:30am everyday. The gym’s not even open yet at that time. Will this spell the end of my gym sessions? 😦

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