Day 32: Extending the home deltoid workout


Best friends for weight training at home

Today spells the end of my very long (but never long enough) end of year break :(. I have to get back to work today. We had a long meeting from 7:30am till 5pm. Need less say, I didn’t have time to go to the gym. But that didn’t stop me from working out. In fact, I extended my normal shoulder workout by adding more exercises as well as adding more weight to some exercises.

Here’s today’s workout:
Barbell shoulder press 22.5kg             10reps X 2 sets
Barbell shoulder press 23.5kg              10reps X 4sets
Lateral dumbbell raise 6kg                   10reps X 5sets
Reverse fly 6kg                                          10reps X 5sets
90 degree later dumbbell raise 6kg    10reps X 5sets
Dumbbell shoulder press 10kg            10 reps X 5sets
Arnold press 10kg                                    10 reps X 5sets
Upright row 20kg                                     10 reps X 5sets

Definitely feeling my shoulders burning. SHIOK!

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