DAY 33: Home arms workout. Everyday is Arms Day

Got back home very late from school again. Had a very long meeting to prepare us for school next year. Honestly, some of the things covered could have been sent through email.

I have been a bit under the weather lately. My nose is blocked and is constantly running. I think I have caught a flu.:( Had to pop some pills and have a short nap to feel slightly better.

Did my arms workout today. Honestly, I am still clueless to what kind of exercises I should do. My workout feels kinda plain and boring. The exercises done mainly target my biceps and triceps.

Here are the exercises done today:
Barbell curl 20kg                            10reps X 5sets
triceps extension 12.5kg                 10reps X 5sets
Dumbbell curl 10kg                         10reps X 5sets
Reverse dumbbell curl 6lg            10 reps X 5sets

If you think there are any other exercises I should do or any muscle groups I should work on for my arms workout, do let me know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to DAY 33: Home arms workout. Everyday is Arms Day

  1. Benjamin Ong says:

    Hey Henry, noticed you started working out, good job! You are currently on the “bro split” type of routine, you might see some minor gains but a good program is always the best. Hitting delts and biceps and triceps are very much isolation work on small muscle groups that can be missed.

    I highly recommend you try a beginner routine like a 5×5 strength program. (×5/) it builds your foundation in the core movements especially as a beginner. I went up by almost 2x on my strength after my first cycle on it (bench went from 50kg to 90kg, squats 60kg to 100kg, Deadlift 60kg to 140kg).

    Cheers and happy working out!

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