DAY 37: We went Muay Thai again!


We went Muay Thai class again! It was actually due to necessity. In 2 weeks’ time we will be going for our reservist. We won’t be able to go for Muay Thai classes during that period. As such, we need to complete the 4 sessions that we have signed up for in these 2 weeks.

Had a really good time in class today. We learnt how to pivot and throw a hook after we have landed an elbow strike. Anyone can learn how to throw a strong punch but not many will know how to move around using footwork. Footwork is what distinct an OK fighter from an Expert. Pivoting is a great way to move your body away from your opponent’s strikes as well as a great way to create angles where you can hit your opponent from.

We began the class by first practising the moves on one another. After that, we did two rounds of padwork, rest, then another two rounds of pad work. Ater each round of padwork, we have to do 50 punches and 20 roundhouses.

After hitting the pads and learning how to pivot to create angles, we spent some time to learn how to throw our opponent from a clinch position again.

After a great time working out, we went Tim Ho Wan to have our dinner. The food is simply superb!


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