DAY 38: Taekwondo and footwork


It has been a few weeks since I did Taekwondo again and I think I became less flexible. A simple stretching session before training turn out to be really painful. It’s like my muscles has gotten really stiff. I can’t even bend forward and touch my toes anymore.:( Perhaps I have been exercising too much without doing enough stretching for my legs. Thus, my leg muscles has gotten really really tight.

We focused a lot on footwork today. Doing slide step and bouncing and switching our stance. It was a good workout for our calf muscles. Footwork is essential for any martial art. It doesn’t matter that you can throw a powerful kick if you can’t hit your opponent with it. With good footwork, it can help you reach your opponent and get out of the way when your opponent attacks.

We then did some basic kicks. We started off with slamming kicks ,which was disastrous for me as my hamstring felt really tight. I couldn’t kick as well as before. We then proceeded to font kick and finally turning kicks.

After a short break, we practiced how to incorporate footwork into our kicks. We did slide in turning kicks, slide back turning kicks and switch leg turning kicks.

It was a good time training and can totally feel my legs dying.

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