DAY 39: 5 X 5 lifts?

Recently, one of my friends left a message on my blog. He said that he noticed that I have been working out and recommended giving 5 X 5 lifts a try. He said that a lot of the strength exercises are mostly isolation exercises. It will take longer to grow muscles and get stronger. 5X 5 lifts on the other hand, comprised mostly of compound exercises that will work on multiple muscles in one exercise. It will also help me to get stronger and faster. I was quite intrigued by the advise and decided to give it a try.

I tried lifting the heavier weights this time round.

Supposed exercises:
Overhead press 5 X 5sets
Barbell row 5 X 5 sets
Dead lift 5 X 1 sets

Actual workout:
Overhead press 10 X 5sets
Barbell row 10 X 5 sets
Dead lift 5 X 2 sets

While I have done more reps, it didn’t mean I was stronger. It just meant that the weights I was using were not heavy enough.

The exercises were supposed to be done with weights that are 50% of your five rep max. Which at this point of time, I have no idea how much that is yet.

Seems like I need to experiment lifting heavier to find that perfect range…

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