DAY 40: Daring to put more weights

My barbell looks super scary now. I haven’t tried to lift so much weights before. But alas! I finally tried. I was often afraid that I will hurt my back or something if I wasn’t strong enough. It seems that I have under estimated myself. Usually, I would only lift the barbells that are of 20kg range. Today, I tried doing the 5 X 5 lifts workout again. I know the previous time the weight I am lifting is not heavy enough. So I added more weights.

I did the first set with 30kg barbell. Amazingly, I am still able to do 10 bend over rows. I proceeded to add another 1kg. I still managed to do 10 reps.

The weight however, was just nice for my shoulder press. With the 31kg barbell, I could do 5- 6 reps. It is a good range.

Bend over row 30kg                            10 X 1 set
Bend over row 31kg                            10 X 4 set
Shoulder press 31kg                            10 X 5 set

In the next workout, I have to add even more weight plates to my barbell…

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