DAY 41: Countering punches


Come and train! You just have to go up these stairs!

We went muay thai today! Couldn’t go on Monday because it was my uncle’s birthday and we went to have dinner with him at Jurong.

Today in muay thai class, we learnt how to counter punches. It’s not good just learning how to block or move away from punches because no matter how good you are, you are bound to get hit. Hence, it is also important to put in some counters to keep your opponent at bay. We learnt how to counter the left jab and right cross today.

For the counter to the jab, we learn how to catch the opponent’s jab and at the same time, throw our jab at our opponent. This stuns the opponent and sets up the furry of punches later on. As for the cross, we learnt to parry it with our left hand and pivot to the left, setting up a perfect position to throw a cross followed by a left uppercut.

As usual, we hit the thai pads and after each round of pad work, we did conditioning drills consisting of 50 punches and 20 roundhouses.

It was fun in training today. We even got to do the spinning back kick in our combinations! Our training in Taekwondo helped us a lot in this as it is a very common kick in Taekwondo.

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