DAY 44: Motivating Frodo to mount doom

Had our usual Sunday run again. This time Brendan finally joined us again. As he hasn’t been running for such a long time, his stamina dropped. It was worse than the last time he joined us. Regular consistent training is indeed needed to build stamina and cardiovascular strength.

The last time Brendan joined us, he had stitches and could only jog slowly in the 2nd half of the route. This time round, his stitches was so bad he had to walk and rest at a bench. We had keep shouting at him and kicking him so that he would carry on moving. It was like the Lord of the Rings where Sam had to keep motivating Frodo to climb up Mount Doom. Nonetheless, we made it to the finishing line. It was a bad timing though…41:46. Well, we had fun! 😀

*I posted a photo of Daniel on Instagram and our friend said he looked like he slimmed down! Good job! keep it up!

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