DAY 46:The Run before field camp

I didn’t feel like running today because tomorrow, we will be doing our field camp exercise. This time round, it’s no longer fun and games as we are being evaluated. Moreover, this field camp lasts for 4 days and 4 nights. 4 days and 4 nights under the blistering heat, digging shellscrape, overcoming obstacles. Moreover, the weather has been erratic. One moment it is scorching. Another it starts raining cats and dogs.

However, it seems like my running companions are undeterred. Daniel serves at the same reservist unit as me. He objected when I suggested that we skip the run for this week. So, we ran again today.

While we still went out for a ran, the pace is much slower this time round. We didn’t want to overexert ourselves for we know we will feel terrible at the field camp. Brendan made huge improvements for today’s run. He was able to run all the way to the finishing point without stopping and without whining.

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