DAY 47: Reservist and the coalition of fit dudes

In Singapore, every able-body male have to serve two years in the Military as part of National service. After which, the men have to serve another 10 cycles of reservist to help them keep in touch with the skills they have learnt in the military.

My field camp has finally ended! And so is my reservist! In the blinking of an eye, I have completed 7 reservist in camp trainings(ICT). We managed to clinch Recon 2A for our final assessment and this means that the next 3 ICTs, there will not be any field camps any more! Hurray!

Field camp this year was really tough as we were being assessed. The assessors were watching our every move and we hardly have a break in that 4 days and 3 nights. Perhaps the most memorable moment during field camp was when I was called in to treat and evacuate a casualty who is suffering from a severed leg from a landmine blast (simulated). I had to carry all of my equipment (weighing almost 12kg) and run from the back of the platoon to the casualty who was at the front. It most memorable as in most ICTs, I was seldom called. My role was just to tag along the platoon as a medic.

This year’s ICT helped me to reconnect to my army friends and I was glad to hear that quite a lot of them were keeping fit. Through the exchanges I learnt a lot about the routines they are doing and I think will help me in keeping fit more effectively. There are two that stuck to me that I remember more vividly.

The signaller whom I am bunked with workout at the gym regularly. I asked him how to build muscles faster and he has given me valuable advice. He said in a nut shell, one has to eat more and lift more to grow muscles. While one can try to lift to failure during workouts, the key thing is that one has to lift heavier weights than he has lifted last week. This advice is valuable as it reveals my greatest problem. I tend to stay at the same weight range for my exercises. No wonder I am not growing big muscles!

Next, my platoon commander shared with me a routine he has been doing. His routine consists of:
1 mile run
10X 3 sets pull ups10X 3 sets dips
10X 3 sets inclined pull ups
10X 3 sets push ups
10X 3 sets squats
30 sec L sit
1mile run

When doing the strength exercises, do the contracting actions explosively then slowly lower down. The good thing about this routine is that it also progresses as you get stronger. For example, when you have no more difficulty doing the push ups, you change to doing planche push ups instead.

This routine is perfect for me as I lack the proper gym equipment at home and only makes use of body weight. Moreover, there is a structured plan of progression. I think I shall give this a try!

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