DAY 48: Trying out LTA Benson’s routine

I finally got the details of the routine from LTA Benson. Initially when I looked at the list, I was like meh…THAT’S EASY! Only 3 sets? I do 5 sets all the time!

Boy was I wrong! I was left with very sore arms after the whole workout. I didn’t follow the recommended workout entirely but I think I shall follow it more closely next time. Well, this is what I did in the morning:

Warm up

Seconds Exercise Comments
10-60 Plank Alternative: Forearm Plank
10-60 Side Plank Alternative: Forearm Side Plank
10-60 Reverse Plank
10-60 Arch Hold

Strength Work

“Pairing two exercises means doing a set of the first exercise, then resting 90 seconds, then doing a set of the second exercise and resting 90 seconds, and then repeating until you’ve done all sets of that pair.
You can rest anywhere from 90 seconds to 3 minutes between pairs, whatever you like.
All exercises are to be done in a 10×0 tempo. That means 1 second down, no pause at the bottom, explode up and no pause at the top. When “exploding up”, it’s the intent that matters. If the actual movement is slow, that doesn’t matter. Just don’t artificially slow it down.”

First Pair
3×5-8 Pullup progression
paired with
3×5-8 Dipping progression

Second Pair
We recommend doing barbell work for legs. If you have access to barbells (and a squat rack), see below on how to incorporate this in the routine.
3×5-8 Squat Progression
paired with
3x10sec-30sec L-sit Progression

Third Pair
3×5-8 Pushup progression
paired with
3×5-8 Row Progression

It was a great workout. Like I said, I underestimated the 3 sets. It could be due to the fact that adhered closely to the 90sec rest after every set.

The full details of the routine can be found here.

At night, I went off for my usual 5km run. Ran myself as my friend were too lazy busy. I ran quite fast this time round. Sub 30min for 5km. Surely shows that I am progressing!

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