DAY 52: Workout on Chinese New Year Eve; Braving the rain

Singapore lies in the monsoon region and every year during this period, it will experience erratic weather patterns. It could be hot and sunny in the morning, then without warning, raining cats and dogs in the afternoon then go back to being really hot at night. This year is no exception.

For exercise enthusiasts like me, it is a disaster. I find it difficult to plan my workouts due to the weather. Sometimes I would have planned for  a long run only to have my plans thwarted because of an unexpected shower.


Initially I had planned to go for an epic run + strength workout routine with Daniel. However, it started to rain heavily. So the epic workout couldn’t happen. The rain continued for another 4 hours before showing signs of subsiding.

It was only until 4pm then I managed to go down to the fitness corner to have my strength training. Then, after doing 2 sets of pull ups and dips, IT STARTED RAINING! I was really disappointed. 😦 As I started leaving, IT STOPPED RAINING. So I ran back to the fitness corner again to complete my workout.

Knowing the erratic weather, I did the exercises which I couldn’t do with the equipment I have at home first (dips parallel bars, inclined pull ups) before moving on to the squats and L-sit.

Here’s what I have done today:

Warm up:

Seconds Exercise Comments
60 Plank Alternative: Forearm Plank
60 Side Plank Alternative: Forearm Side Plank
60 Reverse Plank
60 Hollow Hold
60 Arch Hold

Strength work:

Pair Reps Sets Exercise Comments, reps
1 10 3 Pullup progression Standard pull ups. 10, 8, 8
10 3 Dipping progression Parallel bar dips. 10, 10, 10
2 10 3 Pushup progression Diamond push up. 10, 10, 10
10 3  Row Progression Wide rows. 10, 10 ,10
3 10 3  Squat Progression Step ups. 10, 10, 10
10 3 L-sit Progression Foot supported L-sit 30sec

I seems to have become stronger according to the results. Then again I have to factor in the fact that I had a short break due to the sudden rain.

I need to find an alternative to shoulder exercises in the workout. Doing the handstands is simply too difficult for me. Maybe I should start with pike push ups…

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