DAY 53: Checking progress; 11:40min!

On Nov 19, I made the goal that by the end of July, I would like to be able to do the following:

15 pull ups in one sitting
Muscle up
Run 2.4km in less than 11:30min
Bonus: six-packs

I decided to have a short 2.4km run today and I am pleased with the results.

Usually I would struggle just to finish 2.4km in 12min. Today, I managed to complete the run in 11:40min! 10 secs away from my goal in the month of Feb. This shows that my training is working!

When I was running the 24km route, I didn’t feel out of breath. However, I felt difficult to propel myself faster. This is understandable since most of the time I go for longer 5km runs which trains stamina more than speed. Seems like I need to incorporate some sprints in my workouts.

Anyways, I was watching a Youtube video and it seems like I need to do more to lose weight. Nowadays, I have been doing the body weight workout with rest in between each day. This is good for building muscle but not good for losing fat. I need to incorporate some light cardio during rest days to burn out the excess fat. This cardio session shouldn’t be overwhelming so that the body has enough time for rest and to build muscles. In fact, it was recommended just to walk with weights at a pace that cause you to be slightly out of breath.


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