DAY 54: Bodyweight workout. Gains were an illusion?

Recently I posted how I was able to do 10 dips instead 8 after the pull ups. Well, it went back to 8 again. And I think I know the reason…

It’s a bright and sunny day today and I managed to do the full Reddit body weight workout at the fitness corner at the park. Instead of doing handstands, I replaced them with 3X 10 reps of elevated pike push up. Other than that, I kept everything the same. I did the warm up and did the skills work also.

I realised that what was causing me to feel fatigued for my dips was the skills work in the beginning. For the skills work, I did parallel bar support and held on for 2mins.

My arms were really tired after this. As such, it is no wonder that I struggle to do 10 dips this time! Damn! It seems like I need to be more consistent in all my workouts to have a fair comparison.

After consideration, I think I would need to put in one more strength training in my workout schedule . Currently, this is my schedule:

Monday-         Muay Thai
Tuesday-         Strength training
Wednesday-    Rest
Thursday-       Strength training
Friday-            Taekwondo
Saturday-        Rest
Sunday-           5km run

I only do two strength training workouts in a week. I need to have the discipline to wake up on Saturday mornings to do my strength workouts to maximize my training. :/


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