DAY 56 & 57: Back to Taekwondo

DAY 66: Body weight workout at home

It was hard to get started on my body weight workout as I was extremely tired. I have yet gotten used to waking up early. Furthermore, Thursday is a busy day for me. I have almost 5 classes back to back. By the time I have ended my day, I was exhausted. When I reached home, I needed a 2hour nap to recharge myself if not my head would not stop hurting. Need less say, I was really unmotivated to do my body weight workout.

After slugging around for a long while, I finally mustered up enough motivation to start my exercise. I didn’t do the full body weight workout though…just the strength part. And I was too lethargic to go to the fitness corner, hence I tried to modify the workout at home.

First pair: Pull ups and dips

I have a pull up bar at home so the pull ups wasn’t a problem. But I don’t have parallel bars. So I make do with doing dips with my coffee table. Doing dips is definitely easier on the coffee table as I’m not bearing my full body weight as with dips on parallel bars.

Second pair: Horizontal inclined rows with suspended belt and diamond push ups.

I have to learn to be creative when doing the rows. As I do not have any bar that is of waist height, I suspended my Taekwondo belt from the pull up bar and use the belt to do my inclined rows instead. It is much harder than I have expected. I usually do 10 rows easily but this time I struggle to finish 8. This is due to the fact that I need more muscles to stabilize  myself with this new method.

The diamond push were a breeze as always.

Third: Squats

I felt really lazy by this workout and I only did squats instead of step ups and 30min L-sit

Not very proud of myself. Hope that I will find the motivation to do my body weight workout on weekdays.

DAY 67: Back to Taekwondo

Finally back to Taekwondo training. Wasn’t able to to go back for training due to reservist and clashes with programmes during Chinese New Year. I realised that I have gotten really stiff. Not enough stretching done during the workouts. Felt my hamstrings pulling me back when doing the axe kicks.

Anyways, it was good to be back at training. I now find it difficult to snap my kick at the target due to Muay Thai training and my waist is very stiff so I couldn’t turn my hips as well. It is only after a long while of practicing that I managed to get some of my form back.

And as always, Taekwondo training is always good for working out the legs. Felt that my legs were a bit sore after the training.

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