DAY 58: Milestone! 15 pull ups!

Chinese New Year is truly a fattening season. Initially I had lost some weight during my reservist but just this Chinese New Year, I have gained it back with interest. I was spending my time gorging on the delicious New Year goodies and sumptuous dinner yesterday. I went visiting to my friends’ houses and ate loads of goodies. LOADS. Feeling guilty, I decided that I should workout a little and used my pull up bar to do some pull ups. Lo and behold! I managed to reach my goal!

I had the goal of doing 15 pull ups by July and I managed to do 15 in February !!! More reason to celebrate through eating! 😛

Went Muay Thai to work off the fats today. It was a tiring workout. Felt very drained after the training and I felt like I have strained my back. We were learning how to do the side clinch today so I think we probably hurt ourselves during the clinch practice. It was also especially tiring today due to the clinching. Clinching really saps off a large amount of your energy and stamina. I wonder how professional Muay Thai fighter manage to clinch their opponents for such a long time.

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9 Responses to DAY 58: Milestone! 15 pull ups!

  1. Micah says:

    15 pull ups, you are a star! yes, clinching is hard work. feels like battling with a squid most of the time. especially for me because i am a girl and usually train clinch work with male fighters.

    • strengthnspirit says:

      yeah! My coach always tells us to practice clinching with partners of similar height. Clinching is not recommended in fighting taller opponent imo. They have a HUGE advantage over shorter fighters in clinching.

      • Micah says:

        practice, practice, practice in everything. i am a tiny girl so it can be challenging. my trainers are massive but they are all great teachers. do you travel and fight train? my club is legacy gym boracay in the philippines.

      • strengthnspirit says:

        I used to train for tournament in university but I stopped ever since I started working. My Muay Thai gym is Fight G in Singapore. 🙂

      • Micah says:

        that is cool, i would check it out. thanks!

      • Micah says:

        oh hey, how do you feel about evolve in sg?

      • strengthnspirit says:

        Too expensive. LOL. and I don’t think they will ever send their trainees for tournaments. Unless the person wants to go pro. I haven’t tried out any of their classes personally.

      • Micah says:

        of course not. yes, a pro training facility. but it is quite popular, right? i felt the same about legacy before but they treat the beginners and amateurs so well. it is what i like most about it. plus it is on the world’s best island, so.

      • strengthnspirit says:

        I guess it depends what you want. 😉 Most guys would want to test their skills on the ring. We have smaller tournaments in Singapore like inter varsity Muay Thai competition which my gym participates.
        It seems like Muay Thai is gaining popularity in Singapore. Many gyms are opened right now and even my gyms shows an increase in membership. But i guess it’s all the hype right now. Few actually stay on to master the art… which is kind of sad :/

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