DAY 59: Fun run with colleagues


About a month ago, my colleague, a seasoned marathoner, Physical education teacher, Mr Tay, sent an email out to the school to rally colleagues to join him in a weekly fun run. I was too tired to join them the other time as I just came back from my reservist. But today, I packed my running clothes and shoes, determined to join them in the fun run.

However, the fun run turned out to be quite an adventure as Mr Tay brought us through various routes with different elevation; up and down the hill. Although the pace was okay, what I found challenging was climbing up and down the slopes. Not only did we have to fight against gravity, we also had to fight the blistering heat as we did our run. It was good training for me as I am not used to running up and down hills. I could really feel my legs burning.

What was more amazing is that Mr Tay didn’t show an ounce of exhaustion. He was really excited looking at the scenery and at times he would sprint ahead of us to take pictures of us. I wonder how he got that stamina and explosive speed! It must have been due to the years of conditioning and training he had.

When we got back, we were all very tired…with exception of Mr Tay of course. But it was a fun run. Looking forward to more in the coming weeks!

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