DAY 60: I exercised on Thursday!

Me on Thursdays

Thursdays are often the worst day of the week to workout for me. Usually by the time I reached Thursday, I would be so exhausted from work (not to mention lack of sleep) that I don’t feel like doing anything. Thankfully, I managed to get home early today and have a nap. I had planned for an 1 hour nap but it turned into a 2 hour one. I was too exhausted. By the time I woke up, it was 7pm.

I went down to have a quick meal then head to the fitness corner for my strength workout. There was still a sense of reluctance as I was still feeling tired…I had to force myself to head down to the fitness corner.

Pair Reps Sets Exercise Comments, reps
1 10 3 Pullup progression Standard pull ups. 10, 10, 8
10 3 Dipping progression Parallel bar dips. 10, 10, 10
2 10 3 Pushup progression Diamond push up. 10, 10, 10
10 3  Row Progression Wide rows. 10, 10 ,10

After which I went back home to do some shoulder press and L-sits.

While today’s workout may not be as extensive as other days, it’s still a good start for me to get active on Thursdays…

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