DAY 61: Taekwon Friday is back!

We’re back for Taekwondo training! Feels great to be back to train. However, seems like our technique has gone downhill. We are too used to kicking Muay Thai style and our kicks no longer snap when he hit the paddles. My hamstrings has also been really tight…I have difficulties doing axe kicks nowadays…OH the signs of aging!

Here’s a list of what we do today:

Roundhouse to mid section – 20
Roundhouse to head- 20
Short roundhouse to mid – 20
Short roundhouse to head – 20
Axe kick – 20

Conditioning exercises! (WOW! look at the long list!)
V-sit, to double crunch to, alternative leg crunches – 10X8 counts
Burpees with push up and tuck jumps – 20
Bunny push ups – 25
squats – 25
Crunches – 50
Slow count push ups – 10Superman rows – 10
Plank – 1min
Reverse plank – 1min
Side planks – 30sec each side

Anaerobic conditioning
Double round houses – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ,8, 6, 4, 2,
Roundhouses focusing on strength – 10 each leg

One of my friend was lying on the ground exhausted after the exercises. Good training!


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