DAY 62: Sunday workout

Did a simple workout with Daniel today. Started off with 1km warm up jog then went for some body weight training.

Pair Reps Sets Exercise Comments, reps
1 10 3 Pullup progression Standard pull ups. 10, 10, 8
10 3 Dipping progression Parallel bar dips. 10, 10, 10
2 10 3 Pushup progression Diamond push up. 10, 10, 10
10 3  Row Progression Wide rows. 10, 10 ,10

After which, we went for another 1km jog before resting.

Daniel commented that the workout looks deceiving easy but you feel like dying when you’re doing it. And rightly so. Not to mention, we were working out in the hottest time of the day.

With 2 months of training, so far Daniel has lost 3kg. Congrats!

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