DAY 69: Enabling others to act/Run


My NCC girls planned to have a 2.4km run today in an effort to train up their juniors for the upcoming NAPFA test that will contribute to the school award. Naturally, I was very excited and I decided to join them for the run. I planned to try to run at my maximum limit today and try to beat the 11:30 timing. As we are running around the 400m track, this would mean that I would need to complete 6 rounds in less than 11min 30sec.

I ran at a steady pace on my first round. 2mins. Ah! Im not gonna run below 11:30! So I pushed myself a bit harder and on the 2nd round I finished way before 4min. I was getting ready to go all out then I saw some of my students starting to slow down for the run.

Visibly, they were getting tired. Yet, they continued to grit their teeth and continue running. At this point in time, I think my teacher instincts kicked in. I abandoned my plan of trying to reach my timing and instead, I ran up to the last kid.

“Come on! You can do it! You’re 1/3 through!”

I sounded like one of those days where I was running with Daniel and shouting at him not to give up. I continued to motivate the students as they continue their, reminding them not to stop and not to give up. In the end, the last kid finished at 18:44.

I ran an extra round to motivate these students and wasn’t able to meet my best timing. But I guess this time, that didn’t matter. I enjoyed the run even though my timing was bad. I enabled others to act and hopefully, they are are to see that they are stronger than what they believe they are.

Off topic:


Made my own dinner today because there were plenty of left over potatoes after my fiancee came over to cook. Had baked potato and 3 hard boiled eggs with 2 slices of cheese.

I hope I am not eating too much…

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